Medium Format Photography

Everyday Registries

In the back of a darkroom.
Candid chemical processes.

starting point   
Among many reasons, I started to photograph as an attempt to distance myself from digital processes and explore the happy accidents that accompany analog materiality. 

I think of composition and sequential narratives as an observer, a place similar to whoever holds the shutter. So jumping from drawing to photography felt like a natural leap.  Often the two practices get diluted into eachother anyway.

Registering the works of my friends and their poetics is also a catalyst. 

Images are embedded in the negatives as a way of marking a moment in space and time that feels precious to me, transforming it into an object with it’s own independent lifespan.

Feel the need to register, to remaster and to forget.
It is later seen and remembered by people outside the intimacy of that moment’s circumstances.
The truth is whatever manages to be caught by light.

caught by light
One works with limitation and must come to terms with the irremediable.

shutting down
I use this machine much like a nosy passerby. 
I look down and it looks forward.
I release the trigger and it starts working.
I take what I get and you give it a name.